Throughout the 1960’s-1990's, volunteer lifesavers who had drawn duty on the 1st of January would get together for an informal "regmaaker" swim at Clifton 4th Beach. Then, on Sunday 1 January 2005, five swimmers arrived on the beach saying that word on the street was that there was a swim happening.

The lifesavers duly invited the swimmers to accompany them around the bay and back. It was such a hit that the monthly 1st Sunday Of the Month Swims was born. Fast forward 18 years and more than 4 700 people have been allocated race numbers for what has become one of the Cape Peninsula’s favourite ways to wash away the cobwebs and greet the new calendar!

Skins or wetsuits, more than a million metres of openwater are swum each year across our events. We cater for everyone from newcomers wanting an initial, safe experience of being in the sea to Olympic athletes fine-tuning their sighting. As you become more experienced and comfortable in the openwater, there is an increased range of swims for you to participate in.